Технология "Теплый дом" позволяет возводить объекты нового качества за счет использования несъемной опалубки из промышленного пенополистирола (пенопласта). Компания "Термодом" - первый в Крыму и Севастополе производитель термоблоков и листового пенопласта, использующихся в строительстве по технологии "Теплый дом".

  В любое время года - ровная температура поверхности стен снижает движение воздуха внутри помещения. Высокая теплоизоляционная способность термоблоков создает тепло в зимнее время и освежающую прохладу летом.

iPhone fell into the water or snow - what can you do and what not?

Hello! Unfortunately, the reason for writing this article is far from being the most sad - indeed, you are unlikely to read this instruction so to speak “for the future”, most likely the trouble has already happened and the iPhone fell into the snow or water (which is essentially the same thing). The most important thing is that we urgently need to save it - literally every minute counts! Therefore, we will no longer pull the cat in different places to put it off and proceed to the very essence. Go!

Now I’ll tell you what you should do to make the device work and delight you, and also about how you can never act (believe my sad experience, this is also very, very important!). And we will start with the latter - with bad advice or how to act is not necessary under any circumstances ...

So, remember, these actions should not be done:

  1. Immediately turn on the iPhone, the sooner it happens the better. Ideally, do it even while it is in the water. We must immediately find out - will it work or not !?
  2. If you turn on, we show and tell everyone about it - look, I have an iPhone in the water and even if it works!
  3. If others do not believe you, for persuasiveness, throw it into the liquid one more time. Let them know that Apple does not produce all kinds of bullshit!
  4. Does not turn on? The battery is dead - we urgently connect the charger. Phone warm up and water so quickly evaporate.

Why was all this written? In order to make it clear at last - after the device gets into water or snow, it must be immediately disconnected , and in no case should it be turned on, put on charge, etc. Even for a second, to see if it works or not ? Believe me, it is very likely that it works and only because it is still off.

Water and electricity is an excellent “springboard” for the formation of corrosion. Therefore, if the first has already happened, then you do not need to add electricity.
Water and electricity is an excellent “springboard” for the formation of corrosion
What to do next? For starters, it would be nice to disassemble the device. It is clear that in the case of the iPhone is not so easy, but if you can, then it’s best to start right away.

If there is no parsing skills or the necessary tool, then you can reach the workshop (any, since they are full now and at every corner) and ask to be disassembled there. They will not take a lot of money (for disassembly), and the chances of saving a recessed iPhone will increase many times. You can leave it in the service, for an additional fee will be cleaned and made "like new."

For those who want to dry the iPhone on their own, some tips:

  • Naturally remove all covers, bumpers and other accessories. This also applies to films installed on the screen, in the event that water gets under them.
  • It is not recommended to use a hairdryer, you can easily overdo it, and then not only the water will evaporate, but something can also melt. Plus, a stream of air will "drive" the water around the device. Just blot, where you will get it, with ordinary napkins.
  • Dipping in alcohol is also not a good idea. Spots may go across the screen.
  • About the rice. In principle, you can use it as a desiccant, but it must be remembered that it is not omnipotent. And it will be able to help only if the phone is not completely bathed, but only superficially, and of course, it will not be able to absorb all the liquid in 2 hours. Throw in rice should be 1-2 days. And yes, this is probably the only option to try to get rid of moisture without disassembling the phone.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight, on a battery, heaters, etc. It would be a good option if the iPhone is disassembled and put somewhere in a draft to dry. For a day or two, the device will dry and you can try to turn it on.

And all the same know that the most correct decision will be attributed to the service. Because when using other popular methods, of course there is sense, but it does not guarantee 100% of a successful outcome. However, it does not guarantee and repair shop. It all depends on the degree of damage.

By the way, it must be remembered that even if the iPhone was freed from water and completely cleaned, it still does not mean anything.

Such devices, the so-called "drowned", can behave quite unpredictably. That is, it can work for several months (then it will begin loss of sound , inability to turn on , charge, etc.), and maybe a few years. Then how lucky. In any case, if you correctly dry it and prevent simple mistakes, then the chances of successful recovery increase.

PS Before you start to act, you must put "like". +20% to luck and successful solution of the problem guaranteed! :)

Does not turn on?
Why was all this written?
Even for a second, to see if it works or not ?
What to do next?


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