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House width 6 5 meters. Ideas how to equip the landscape design of a narrow area

  1. Landscape design of a narrow plot
  2. Design narrow area number 1
  3. Design narrow area number 2
  4. Design narrow area number 3
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  6. Country recipes
  7. Proper layout of the long and narrow section
  8. Landscape design with a slope
  9. Proper creation of landscape design at the dacha
  10. Fullness of the long and narrow section
  11. Receptions approximating distant sites
  12. Multi-level design of the site

Landscape Design Options narrow sections Of course, many. After all, each site is unique. But there are proven techniques to visually expand the space of any narrow section :

- diagonal design . That is, you do not have garden elements along or across, but at an angle of 45 degrees to the fence. This creates a complex geometry and leads the eye away from the real borders of the stretched section.

- the selection of several large areas . You do not split up space, but draw attention to wide areas (patio, garden, lawn, playroom). Creating a sense of spaciousness.

- cross zoning . Everyone knows that the longitudinal stripe in clothing - visually pulls the silhouette, and the transverse - expands. Similarly in landscape design.

- distraction from the boundaries of the site . A common technique: place everything along the fence, and leave the middle free. This is mistake. It is necessary to work with all the available space, placing accents and leading the eye away from its borders.

Landscape design of a narrow plot

Let us consider an example. One of ours landscape projects for a narrow area of ​​6 acres. Before the start of the design, there was already a house on the plot, a covered parking, a dog enclosure and a path from the gate to the house were equipped. Placed septic tank, well and well. There is a blind area around the house.

It was planned to build a bath according to the approved project. But I had to choose a place for it. The owners wanted to place it close to the upper right corner of the fence.

The owners wanted to place it close to the upper right corner of the fence

The problem point was collapsible pool. It was impossible to bury it in the ground. The soil on the site is clay and in winter it would simply crush. Leave as there is too little good. It was decided to allocate a separate zone for it and try to arrange it.

It was decided to allocate a separate zone for it and try to arrange it

Among the wishes of the customer, there was also a placement on the site of a small vegetable garden, a playground with a brazier, recreation areas with swings in the shade of the plot (next to a dog enclosure), a lawn for children's games and unpretentious wood-shrub compositions. For walking the dog customers asked to lay a gravel path around the perimeter of the site.

Design narrow area number 1

The first sketch of the site layout was presented to the Customer in this version. In the shady part of the garden is a small playground with swings. It is surrounded by trees to create a cozy atmosphere. Before it - an evergreen composition of low bushes (microbiota, juniper, mountain pines). At the gate, we placed a trellis, entwined with grapes, to create a mood at the entrance to the site. A view of the covered parking area is covered by linear planting of fir trees and decorative leafy shrubs.

On the sunny side of the site, customers planned to spend as much time as possible. It is hidden from the eyes, removed from the road and is clearly visible from the windows of the house. This is where the main life is concentrated. At the initial request of the customer, the bath took its place in the upper right corner of the site. Before it appeared a recreation area with a portable brazier. We offered to perform it from the decking (warm and practical material "under the tree"), and the area near the open fire from natural stone.

We offered to perform it from the decking (warm and practical material under the tree), and the area near the open fire from natural stone

Next to the brazier is a Christmas tree. Here it will be clearly visible, creating a green accent. year round . Behind the spruce, in the lower right corner of the plot we located the pool. Now it does not attract attention, is hidden from the winds and is separated into a separate zone with wooden flooring around the perimeter. Practical and cozy.

Next to the pool on the sunny side, we located a small vegetable garden with benches and a column. Tools can be removed in the drawers, and the column can be used for watering plants and washing hands after garden work . To prevent the garden from being viewed from the side of the house and the pool, two trellis were provided.

The rest of the space between the house and the bath is allocated under a large lawn. It has a clear geometric shape, which is very convenient for a lawn mower. But this is not just a rectangle or square. This is a complex geometric shape, which is not possible to immediately grab the eye. So, on this narrow area there will be a feeling of space. Planting trees and bushes near the house, by the bath and barbecue will also become accent lines.

Design narrow area number 2

After discussing the first option, the customer approved the general layout, but asked to show the option without a pool. It turned out an alternative design.

In this embodiment, we have given more space under the garden. Retain the raised beds, benches, water column and trellis. Adding compost boxes and fruit bushes. Elements of the "rock garden" were added to the decorative composition of the house. The bench next to the trellis was turned towards the house, creating an additional resting place.

Design narrow area number 3

Thinking, the customer decided to still leave the pool. Plus push the bath closer to home. Expanded garden area and a large decorative composition he liked. It was decided to make the lawn more concise. A grill to hide behind the bath. As a result, having a little finished, we received the third option of landscaping of a narrow site . It was he who was unanimously approved by the customer’s family and implemented.

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Nothing is impossible if you really want to. Even if your site is long and narrow, this is not a deadlock. Many people throw up plots, put a cross on it, deciding that nothing beautiful, solid, and standing here can turn out, because even now there is no place to turn around.

Only you can’t lower your hands, and even in a long and narrow area you can create a real landscape miracle that will be your pride and the envy of all your relatives and friends. Only one thing is important - rationality and wise approach to business.

Nobody says that creating a narrow long section is a simple matter. Of course, here we are talking about a difficult area, which must be processed in such a way that:

  • Visually expand the space;
  • Give it a personality;
  • Make a modern plot.

Narrow area can visually expand

Landscape Design has in its arsenal a lot of tips and secrets that will help to realize different ideas and implement the most creative ideas.

Not a hopeless situation with a narrow area, which can be visually expanded.

Proper layout of the long and narrow section

The main thing is to properly plan the site and place elements on it so that there are necessarily architectural elements of small forms, trimmed hedges, flower gardens and so on.

All of them should be located across the site. All this is aimed at expanding the narrow area visually with the help of landscape design.

If you make plantings along the site, the space will stretch even more.

The clever way is planting trees along the fence The clever way is planting trees along the fence.

Landscape design with a slope

An interesting, and yet tricky, method is planting trees along a fence. The main thing is to create density and there will be a feeling that there is still space behind the trees and the plot does not end there.

Landscape design on a slope can also be created this way. All of them are of different heights and it will be unclear whether the slope is here or a flat surface.

All of them are of different heights and it will be unclear whether the slope is here or a flat surface

Proper creation of landscape design at the dacha

You can cheat space with the help of the form of front gardens and garden beds. You should not make them rectangular or square, a round or other unusual shape will help to organize the space correctly. Perfect and decorative pond.

Landscape design on the slope will help settle the slide. Put different figures on it. Let it be decorative, but it is clear that there will be no slope under it.

A great option - the creation of decorative arches, you can put them in one color shade with benches, for example. By the way, do not forget about the modern design, it will be original to create all the elements in a single color or shade.

Remember that the tracks are also visually stretched space.

If the path is necessary, let it be winding, but in perfect still create a solid lawn.

Fullness of the long and narrow section

The site must be organized wisely. After all he small size , and, therefore, you need to take care not only to expand it visually, but also to use every corner. For example, in the shady place to plant mushrooms. Plant trees very different, both fruit and ornamental. Make small beds, for beauty, framing them with fence. In short, work with each small territory.

Not all owners country plots can boast of their correct and convenient form. It often happens that the site is quite narrow, and on it you want to create a cozy courtyard, and beautiful garden and the gazebo with barbecue will not be superfluous. But do not despair, even narrow and small areas can be arranged so that they will seem wider and more voluminous, and functionally in no way inferior to the sections of the correct shape. And how to achieve this effect, and what techniques will help us in this, we will now discuss.

By setting up a narrow section, one needs to take into account its specificity, and proper planning of changes will make it possible to correct all its shortcomings. When planning the design of a small and long section, it is necessary to use its entire area, including even those zones and remote corners that seem to be non-functional. With this approach it will be possible to equip long section wisely, using every inch of the territory.

Unfortunately, often when making a long section of the owners make the same mistakes.

For example, it is quite common when designing such a plot, the presence of tall trees along the fence, which only aggravates the look of the plot, making it even longer and narrower.

To achieve the correct effect and make a visually wider area of ​​the site, you need to plant tall trees at the end of it. And in the foreground to arrange stunted trees and shrubs.

In this way, you will correct the shape of the plot, give it the appearance of a residential area, and not a walking alley (as in the photo) From a sense of integrity, the disproportionate forms of the site will attract even more attention.

  • It would be more correct to design the site in such a way that the territory is clearly divided into certain zones.
  • To achieve this effect will help you a variety of architectural forms . For example, it is possible to split a site into zones and divide them among themselves by fences, ornamental plants pergolas or small arbors.

Proper division of the site into zones will help it conditionally expand and blur the real boundaries of the territory.

  • To begin zoning a narrow area you need to divide it into two large areas.
  • One of these zones can be sown. lawn grass , and in the second to make a coating, for example, from pebbles.
  • The division of the site into zones should be done in such a way that the rest of the territory is viewed in perspective.
  • Zones should not be separated by blank walls.

How does the zoning of such a site, look at the photo:

Arranging the design of a long section, you do not need to use straight lines and strict forms, especially along it.

  • It is better to make the paths winding and winding, and when moving from one zone to another, you can put tiles on them with a different ornament or texture.
  • Give flower beds and flower gardens rounded and irregular shapes. This will visually expand the yard and garden area and give them the desired volume. See the photo below for an example.
  • All zones on the site, it is desirable to make an unusual form. A playground or pond will attract more attention if they are made in the shape of an irregular circle or oval.
  • It is desirable to use the same forms for other objects - paths, bushes and trees with a ball crown. This will serve as a counterweight to the stretched shape of the plot.
  • The fence around the perimeter of the narrow territory cannot be made monotonous. It is better to make it multi-level and supplement with low or weaving plants. An example of such a fence in the photo:

Add volume to the elongated yard will help ridges and mixborders, located on the sides of the transverse garden paths.
It is also possible to extend the area with transverse lines, which can be curbs, hedges and flower gardens.
The narrow territory of the courtyard will look wider if the paths of the zones differ.

Remember one fundamental point - all the lines in landscape design that go along the site extend it even more, and the cross-sectional design expands it and brings balance.

Receptions approximating distant sites

Adjust the narrow section can be using fairly simple techniques.

If you have a tall tree in the far corner of the plot, then on the other side, in a straight line from it, plant the same tree, but smaller. Two identical trees different sizes located in opposite corners, visually reduce the length of the section.

A long territory can be visually approximated by placing in its far corner a small gazebo surrounded by flowers.

If you can not build a gazebo, you can use to achieve this effect alpine slide, multi-tiered flower bed or fountains.

In the photo is an example of this design:

At the site of the long form, it is desirable to make at least three accents that will attract the eye and distract from the shape of the site.

Such accents can serve not only

  • flower beds and arbors,
  • sculptures and hidden wickets.

If there is a need to build on the site of any business premises, it is better to place them in the background.

All distant elements of the landscape of a narrow area should be bright and juicy, and the foreground is better to withstand in cold and restrained colors.

Visually expand the area of ​​the site and trees with shrubs that have bright and large yellow leaves and yellow-orange flowers (as in the photo).

Multi-level design of the site

The multilevel arrangement of elements on the territory of a narrow section is another way of its correct design. Different levels will create the effect of placing objects at different heights, which will visually expand and increase the area.

Creating such levels - improvised terraces is not an easy process in which you will need to invest both money and time, but the result will please you.

  • If the location of the main objects allows, then it is better to raise the central part of the territory or its distant part.
  • Lifting the central part will visually limit the view of the rest of the site and thereby reduce its length.
  • Proper creation of levels, regardless of their location, will create the impression of independence of the terraces, thereby breaking the integrity of the site, leaving the rest of the zones out of sight.

The upper level can be used as a resting area, rock garden or rock arias. And if you make a terrace at the farthest side of the site, then the site will visually not seem so long.
Example of multi-level design in the photo:

Planting plants can also be split-level, using mounds and plants of different heights for this.
By adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to transform a narrow and long stretch that will be no less picturesque than any stretch of convenient shape. Experiments and different approaches used to design such a territory will give it more originality. And you farmland will be a beautiful and comfortable place to stay.

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