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How to determine the volume of the room. How to calculate the volume of the room

  1. How to calculate the cubic volume of the foundation
  2. You will need
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For many who are faced with lumber, the question of how to calculate the cubic capacity of unedged and edged board remains a difficult task. In principle, it is quite easy and simple. Below we consider the basic methods for calculating the cubic capacity of the board.

At geometry lessons, quite often it was necessary to calculate the volume of something. The situation is the same with edged lumber. You just need to multiply the width by height and length. Naturally, you do not need to do this on a whole pack of lumber or board. It will be enough if you count the cubature of one board (timber), then you just need to count the total number of boards in a pack and the cubature of one board multiplied by the calculated number of boards. Another important rule when calculating the cubic capacity of a single board, all dimensions must be reduced to a single measurement, that is, or everything is converted into centimeters, millimeters, or meters. And we take measurements by the following parameters: thickness, width, length.

When calculating the cubature of unedged board, width, length and height are also measured. Only in unedged sawn timber it is impossible to calculate the cubic capacity of a single board, therefore the board must be laid in a pack, measured and different coefficients applied. For a more accurate calculation, it is best to fold the board in one pile, then measure in the middle the widest and thinnest boards, then add these two indicators and divide by two. As a result, we get the averaged width. And measure the length and height as usual.

Next, you need to multiply the thickness of the stack for the width and length and apply a reduction factor. According to GOST, for a half-timber it is 0.5, and for an unedged board it is 0.63. But, very often, to simplify calculations, manufacturers of sawmills make shipment of lumber, which have a coefficient of 0.7. When one pile is counted in this way, it is necessary to move on to the second, third and so on, until all the lumber has been counted.

How to calculate the cubic volume of the foundation

  • columnar
  • tape
  • slab

When calculating the cubic capacity of a columnar foundation, you must first calculate the cubic capacity of a single concrete column. For this multiplied length by width. If columns are used round section , then the radius of the square is multiplied by the coefficient "Pi - 3.14" and the resulting result is multiplied by the height of the column. Next, the result is multiplied by the total number of columns, which are located in the territory. This will be the total cubic capacity of the foundation. In those cases when the columns are connected with a solution, then you need to use the parallelepiped formula.

When calculating the cubic capacity of the foundation of a tape type, the type of section is first determined. When it is the same, the perimeter of the territory is multiplied by the thickness and length. In the case when it is different, you just need to calculate the volumes of each section separately and as a result, add up all the results obtained.

Volume is a quantitative characteristic of space. The volume of the room is determined by its shape and linear dimensions. The concept of volume is closely related to the concept of volume, that is, the volume of the internal space of a vessel, packing box, etc. The units of measurement adopted are in the measurement system of SI and its derivatives cubic meter m3, cubic centimeter, liter.

You will need

  • To measure the volume of the room you need a tape measure, a sheet of paper, a calculator, a pen.


Each room, such as a room, is, from a geometric point of view, a rectangular parallelepiped. A parallelepiped is a three-dimensional shape that has six faces (for example, a room: 4 walls, a ceiling, a floor), and each of them is a rectangle. The formula for finding the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped: V = abc. The volume of a rectangular parallelepiped is equal to the product of its three dimensions. In addition to this formula, you can measure the volume of a room by multiplying the floor area by the height.

So proceed to the calculation of the volume of the room. Measure the length of one wall (long wall), then measure the length of the second wall (short wall). Measure on the floor, at the level of the plinth. Hold the tape tape straight. Now measure the height of the room, to do this, go to one of its corners, and accurately measure the height of the angle from floor to ceiling. Write the data on a piece of paper, so as not to forget. Now proceed to the calculations: multiply the length of the long wall by the length of the short wall, multiply the resulting product (number) by the height and you will get the desired result. premises are calculated in different cases: 1) in the case of buying an air conditioner, as air conditioners are designed for a certain volume of premises; 2) when installing radiators in rooms, as the number of sections in the radiator directly depends on the volume of the room.

If you have a room of irregular shape, that is, it consists of a large parallelepiped and a small one. In this case, it is necessary to measure the volume of each of them separately, and then add. If there is an alcove in your room (a semicircular niche), then its volume should be calculated using the volume formula. The volume of each cylinder is equal to the product of the area of ​​the base by the height: V =? r2 h where? - this number "pi" is equal to 3.14, r2 is the square of the radius of the cylinder, h is the height. Imagine your alcove as part of a cylinder, calculate the volume of the whole cylinder, then see what part of this cylinder your alcove occupies, subtract an extra part from the total volume.

Estimation of the volume of premises is often required in the production of construction and repair work. In most cases, this is required to clarify the amount of materials needed for repairs, as well as to select an effective heating or air conditioning system. Quantitative characteristics describing the space, as a rule, require some measurements and simple calculations.

Quantitative characteristics describing the space, as a rule, require some measurements and simple calculations


The simplest case is when it is necessary to determine the volume of a room of a regular rectangular or square shape. Using a tape measure in meters measure the length and width of the walls, as well as the height of the room . The most convenient way to measure on the floor along the baseboards. Multiply the obtained figures and you will get the desired volume.

If the room has an irregular or complex shape, the task becomes a little more complicated. Divide the area of ​​the room into several simple shapes (rectangles, squares, semicircles, and so on) and calculate the area of ​​each of them, after making measurements. Add the resulting values ​​by summing the area. Multiply the amount by the height of the room . Measurements should be carried out in the same units, for example, in meters.

When conducting construction work determination of the volume of the entire structure is determined by standards. The so-called building volume of the ground part of the building with the attic can be calculated by multiplying the area of ​​the horizontal section along the external contours at the level of the lower floor. Measure the total height of the building from the level of the clean floor to the top of the attic insulation. Multiply both.

If there are floors of different sizes, determine the total volume of the premises in the building by adding up the volumes of all parts. The volume is determined in the same way if the rooms have different outlines and designs.

Separately calculate the volumes of verandahs, bay windows, vestibules and other auxiliary elements of the structure (with the exception of covered and open balconies). Include this data in the total volume of all building premises.

Helpful advice

When measuring the radius of the alcove, use a thread with a needle, stick a needle into the imaginary center of the cylinder and pull the thread to the wall, then measure its length.

The volume of each cylinder is equal to the product of the area of ​​the base by the height: V =?
R2 h where?


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